1.Michigan Mega-Monsters

2.Ogres of Ohio

3.Florida Fog Phantoms

4.New York Ninjas

5.Terrible Tractors of Texas

6.Invisible Iguanas of Illinois

7.Wisconsin Werewolves

8.Minnesota Mall Mannequins

9.Iron Insects Invade Indiana

10.Missouri Madhouse

11.Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania

12.Dangerous Dolls of Delaware

13.Virtual Vampires of Vermont

14.Creepy Condors of California

15.Nebraska Nightcrawlers

16.Alien Androids Assault Arizona

17.South Carolina Sea Creatures

18.Washington Wax Museum

19.North Dakota Night Dragons

20.Mutant Mammoths of Montana

21.Terrifying Toys of Tennessee

22.Nuclear Jellyfish of New Jersey

23.Wicked Velociraptors of West Virginia

24.Haunting in New Hampshire

25.Mississippi Megalodon

26.Oklahoma Outbreak

27.Kentucky Komodo Dragons

28.Curse of the Connecticut Coyotes

29.Oregon Oceanauts

30.Vicious Vacuums of Virginia

31.The Nevada Nightmare Novel

32.Idaho Ice Beast

33.Monster Mosquitos of Maine

34.Savage Dinosaurs of South Dakota

35.Maniac Martians Marooned in Massachusetts

36.Carnivorous Crickets of Colorado

37.The Underground Undead of Utah

38.The Wicked Waterpark of Wyoming

39.Angry Army Ants Ambush Alabama

40.Incredible Ivy of Iowa (Coming in 2014)