Creepy condors of california
Creepy condors

Two kids are staying at a national park for camping with their parents. They wander off and see large condors. They eventually come across a movie studio, and are asked to help stop a man who stole something of the studios'.

The main character comes up with an idea to use the mechanical condors - which turned out to be fake condors from earlier - and catch the semi with them. Her brother uses a long distant controller to fly the condors.

Because the actors are sick for the Creepy Condors movie, the main characters fill in as a reward for helping the studio. When the kids return to camp, no one believes them but 6 months later, they meet the crew again and go to the theater to watch the movie.

The kids become stars.

Publish Date: 2004

Wikipedia Version: When a condor attacks two kids in the Californian woods, they have no idea what they are in for.