Was it was all a horrible nightmare? Did it never really happened at all? When manneuquins come to life with hopes of taking over the world, it seems like it is a dream. In this case, it is... an awful, awful dream.

Full Version: A class visit the Mall of America, and during the lunch break in the food court, a few kids go to a shop and they see mannequins come to life. They hide in a rack of clothes and overhear the mannequins plan to take over the earth.

The adventure leads them all around the mall and all the patrons are turned into mannequins. Even the kids' parents.

Publish Date: 2003

{For now, this will be blank because the ending was read a long time ago and forgotten}.

Minnesota Mall Mannequins

Darren Brege-Minnesota Mall Mannequins

American Chillers 8

Dwayne Harris-Minnesota Mall Mannequins