In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tricia Levine, Carlos Marcos, and Tommy Gersky are in big trouble.

       When Tommy makes a remark about girls having `cooties,' he's only making what he thinks is an innocent joke. Everyone knows that cooties don't really exist.
       Or, do they?
       Tricia, Carlos, and Tommy find out in a horrifying way that, indeed, cooties are for real. In fact, they are tiny, vicious insects whose bite turns humans into living, bloodthirsty zombies!
       When an outbreak of cooties takes over their school, the three friends must stick together and fight to stay away from a mob of infected kids, or risk becoming infected themselves. But they are only three against many. How can they possibly keep away from the hungry hoard of zombie-kids, along with the cooties that have infected them?
Oklahoma Outbreak

oklahoma outbreak

Full Version: Tricia Levine and her friends walk into the library when the madness begins. They are waiting for more members of the book club when they see another kid from their book club with pale skin, groaning. His name is Dwayne. Dwayne approaches them, then chases them out of the library and into a classroom. They meet a girl named Kayla in there. She tells them about how the Outbreak began, with bugs. They all hatch a plan to escape the school, and when they run down the hallway, Kayla trips. The zombies reach her and infect her. She's a goner. The doors are locked. So now the kids must hide somewhere in the school. The adventure takes them from a secret basement to under the desk of the Janitor's office. When the zombies catch up to them and are about to infect them, they all laugh and remind Tricia, Tommy, and Carlos that it was just an April Fool's Day prank. Even the Janitor and Library teacher were in on it.

After all of what could've really happened (Such as smashing a window to get to safety, beating the zombies with a chair or something worse), I am surprised those teachers didn't get fired.