Wax museum
Washington Wax Museum

In the beginning of the story, Rachel Baker is eating cereal while her friend, David, waits on the couch. They get really excited for a field trip to a new wax museum in Seattle, Washington.

When the bus arrives to the wax museum, the class forms a group by the entrance. Rachel notices a wax figure to disappear, and then when she tells everyone, it reappears in its spot. She reaches out to touch it, and the wax man grabs her arm.

It turns out that the man dressed up to look like wax and is Mr. Lakley, the museum director. He answers many questions, and then the class walks into a room filled with wax statues of some of the US presidents. When they leave, Rachel and David hear whispering in the room.

Rachel and David catch up with the class, and Mr. Lakley tells everyone that the wax museum is supposedly haunted by ghosts because when workers work fixing up the museum, they heard whispering noises.

After that, Mr. Lakley puts everyone into a group of three. Amber Caplin is forced to be with David and Rachel which is bad because they don't get along very well. Rachel and David suggest they go back to the presidential wax room to see if they hear voices. (Amber wanted to go to the monster room)

When they reach the president room and go inside, David notices that the wax figure of George Washington is gone. David discovers a trap door and the kids go inside it. The ladder leads down to a basement. The kids hear voices and a man locks the trap door.

They find another door in the basement that leads to the main floor of the wax museum. Everyone seems to be gone, and the trio searches for the class. Mrs. Tupper finds them and says that everyone is eating their lunches and that she was looking all over for the trio.

The kids try to show Mrs. Tupper that the wax figure was stolen but the door is locked. They assume that Mr. Lakley locked it. So then, they go and eat lunch, then return to the presidential room. This time, the wax figure of Abe Lincoln is gone. 

This startles Rachel. Could the wax museum really be haunted?

After that, they go explore the other rooms. Then it is time for the class to watch a documentary in the theatre. Suddenly, when Rachel and David sit down, Amber alerts them saying that she saw two mens stealing a wax figure and that they were going to lock the theatre. When Amber told the teacher, she didn't believe her.

Thankfully, the kids make it out before the theatre is locked. They hide by a drinking fountain, then follow the man down the hallway. They eavesdrop on him talking on the phone. Rachel, David, and Amber find out that the men plan to steal the wax figures.

Just then, the men walks out of the room and chases the kids down the hallway. He doesn't see them hide in the monster wax room. Suddenly, a wax she-vampire comes to life. The kids run to the door but it turns out that the vampire look is just a disguise.

The woman is Mrs. Hemmer and she tells the kids that she suspected something like this to happen. They make a plan that while she tries to find the trucks that the robbers have and call the police, the kids would try to find a way to get the class out of the theatre.

Mrs. Hemmer tells them that there is a door in the back of the theater that doesn't have a lock. So after Mrs. Hemmer set off to find the truck, the kids left the room. The two men immidiately spot them, so they go back into the monster room and lock the door.

The kids open the window and hide under the wax figure pedestals while one of the men went to get keys to unlock the door. When they walk in the room, they assume that the kids escaped out of the window somehow, even though they are two stories up.

After the men leave, so do the kids and they run into Mr. Lakley and tell him about the robbers. They go into his office and explain everything. He tells them to wait into the lobby while he calls the police.

Rachel suspects something and eavesdrop on Mr. Lakley's phone call. But he didn't call the police and it turns out that he is working with the robbers. Rachel warns Amber and David and they run off to the utility room, which has a door that is on the other side of the theatre, but the robbers put a lock on it.

The men near the room looking for rope, but decide not to because they need to get out of there immidiately. Mrs. Hemmer enters the utility room and finds the kids. They tell her about the phone in Mr. Lakley's office. They wait a while and Rachel and David decide to go to the office in case something happened to Mrs. Hemmer.

In the office, the kids snatch  the keys but they hear Mr. Lakley coming and hide under the table. They show Mrs. Hemmer in there and leave the door locked. Rachel and David plot to escape by using the ventage system and Mrs. Hemmer tells them that there is a door that leads outside in the basement under the presidential room.

Amber walks down the hall and spots them and helps them get out of the vent.

They run down to the basement and realize that there is more wax figures in there, which means that is where the robbers are hiding the figures, which also means that the door to outside leads to their truck. The kids hide and that's when Rachel spots Mrs. Hemmer's phone next to her. Then it rings...

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